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Convention Rates

Registered teachers/owners are permitted to take classes or observe at any level throughout our event. Registered assistant teachers are permitted to gain access to any classroom throughout our event. Dancers must dance in their designated ballroom at all times.

Please review our level placement below.

MiniAge 7-9$200
JuniorAge 10-12$200
Teen/SeniorAge 13+$200

Convention Observer Fees

Our Free Teacher Offer is as followed:


First-time studio offer: Mini and Little Star dancers are gifted one free observer band that will gain access to those designated rooms only. Observer bands cost $20 per observer for our junior, teen, and senior rooms and can be purchased at the event table or online during the online registration process. 


We will award many scholarships at each event! More important than any scholarship, we will speak eternity-lasting words over each dancer. We will declare life into each dancer, making sure they walk away from The Sword knowing their identity and how special they are, appointed for such a time as this! They will walk away with a message of encouragement from the highest God that will speak over any insecurity or self-doubt!

Luke 6:23: Be glad in that day and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven.

Studio Scholarships

Each studio owner will be able to choose one member from their studio. Studio owners will submit their nominations during the showcase at the registration table. 

This scholarship may only be redeemed by the dancer who won the award. Studio scholarship may be used ONE time only and must be redeemed within 12 months from the award date.

Assistant Invite Scholarships 

This award is one full scholarship and a chance to be an assistant. 

The assistant scholarship is a prestigious offer from The Sword. Only a few dancers receive it at each event. We hold this award to the highest standard. Our faculty comes together in prayer before awarding the assistant scholarships. This scholarship conveys that a dancer stood out during our event and means that The Sword staff recognizes the dancer’s bright future. We hand-pick dancers that we would like to mentor and guide into following what God has for their dance career.

This scholarship may only be redeemed by the dancer who won the award.  This deal is only valid for ONE year. Assistant invite acceptance is optional. The dancer will still have ONE year of a full scholarship, but won’t be able to assist teachers or hold the title of The Sword Assistant if declined. More information will be distributed to winners.

  • World Changer Scholarships: One-time full scholarship to The Sword
  • Power Scholarships: One-time 50% scholarship to The Sword
  • Arising Artist scholarships: One-time 25% scholarship to The Sword

Rules & Guidelines

All entries must be completed online through Dance Comp Genie and paid in full 30 days from the start day of the convention to avoid any late fees. Directors, check your entries carefully. Make sure you have the dancers entered in the correct class level. 

The Sword will continue to honor a studio’s full refund policy if an event must be canceled due to unexpected events. 

Detailed rules and guidelines will be administered upon registering.